How and Why to Develop Your Company Profile on LinkedIn

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Published on: July 3, 2013
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How and Why to Develop Your Company Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not be as familiar as Facebook and Twitter when it comes to social networking, but it is arguably the most important social website for businesses.

LinkedIn is dedicated exclusively to B2B operations, as opposed to Facebook and Twitter which, although they have a business aspect, are more focused on personal social networking.

Why set up a profile on LinkedIn?

Setting up a profile on this site may mean that you are able to:

  • meet target customers and useful business contacts;
  • organise meetings with other users;
  • follow up with contacts after meeting them at industry events;
  • share your useful content and increase the reach of your online presence.

For these reasons it may be very worthwhile considering setting up a company profile on LinkedIn and experimenting further with the site.

But how to get started?

A simple process

LinkedIn allows companies to set up a Company Page, and you may find that this is quite similar to a Facebook Page.

In the same way as a Facebook Page, there is not a huge amount that you are able to do with the design, so you may not need to call on your web design company in the same way that you did with your website.

Instead, the focus is almost exclusively on the content of your Company Page and the information that you choose to add to it.

A few things to keep in mind include:

  • this profile is the first thing that other users of LinkedIn see, so you want to make sure that you make a good impression;
  •  search users may also find your profile, meaning optimising it for the most suitable keywords is an important consideration;
  • although the basic set up is simple, you may want to spend some time making sure that your profile truly reflects your brand and that you distinguish it from the others.

The actual process of setting up your page is designed so that even those without any technical knowledge will not have too many problems. The wizard guides you through the process, and in a matter of minutes you may have your profile running smoothly.

Additional features

As well as adding some basic information about your company, such as what you do, your principles, how you may help, your contact details, and company logo, there are some other ways to make sure that your profile stands out. These include:

  • Answers, which is where you are able to not only post answers but answer questions posted by other users. This is a great way to instantly demonstrate your expertise and win respect and trust;
  •   Groups, which is a great way to make contact with similar businesses and professionals and become a more active member of the community.

Start up your business profile

The only way to decide whether LinkedIn is a suitable platform for you is to start up your own company profile and experiment with it. The process is simple, so give it a go and you may even find that it becomes your most important social network.

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