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  • The system is role based, which means each user is assigned a role (order taker, dispatcher, owner, etc.) The system builds the menus and manual pages that only apply to the specific user and their role. The online manual (that can be edited by management) will also only show what they have access to in the menus.  You can further restrict access to programs in menus, edit and remove permissions and even in operations and dispatch, block users from seeing the charges.

Easy Search

  • Fast Inquiry Systems: Single step search functions allows you to easily find Customer by shortcut or by mouse- find Jobs by Customer, Reference Number, Job Number or Driver with one simple search.

Simply Order Entry

  • Your customer order entry is the same as your in-house order entry.  The customer’s order entry being the same as your in-house order entry gives everyone the ability to teach a customer how to take an order.


  • Work In Progress: Ability to have multiple open screens; put tasks on hold without losing your place saving you from forgetting something.

Clone Jobs with the click of a mouse

  •  Copy jobs without rekeying makes order taking quicker after the fact by saving you from rekeying and facilitating batches of previous orders.

Street Validation

  • Geocoding for street validation. Zip code +4 digits (auto-fill). Validation makes for an error free environment.


Dispatch / Mobility:

Precise Distance

  • Street level mileage calculations using PC*Miler™, Mapquest, or Precise distance calculated from Latitude/Longitude, Zip to Zip, Zone to Zone, Building to Building and even block county for downtown jobs.  Or you can manually override distance for your sensitive customers, while everyone else remains the same.

Intelligent Dispatch Assistant

  • Makes dispatching more efficient, reduces wear on drivers. Complete more jobs per driver by scoring them using your personalized categories (distance to pick up, revenue earned for the day, number of late deliveries, etc.).


  • Mapquest, Yahoo or Google give you a better view of your fleet traffic, see what a driver did for a day, get driving directions, live traffic or address validation.

Proof of Delivery

  • Barcoding, with Signature Capture on smartphones, use ANY carrier, ANY phone!


  • Remote updating from Internet Ready phones notifies your customer instantaneously whenever the statuses are changed by automatically sending your customer an update whenever a status changes that interest the customer or just Proof of Delivery.

Document Management

  •  Attach Digital Media (photos, documents) to your job: Proof you left package at door, document damage before pickup, let your attorney’s upload paperwork they need delivered, upload customer credit apps, drivers insurance, driver’s license or any pertinent related document.  Upload by fax, photo, PDF, word doc, etc.

Back Office / Admin:

Flexible Pricing

  • You can manually price or you can let the system price by mileage, round trip, flat, minimum, maximum, waiting time, weight (courier or dim weight), fuel surcharge, piece count, insurance, tax and after hours, and holiday rates


  • Month end summaries, Statements, Cost analysis, Billing Reports and Statistical Analysis are all available online. Real time cost analysis, Salesperson and Contractor Settlements, 3rd party courier (3PL) or daily Call Count. Giving management the tools to make the right decisions.

Multiple Billing Structures

  •  Integrated Billing Module with Interface to Quickbooks™, whether you wish to track all invoices and payments or only detail to QB’s, so WIMP can better show you the state of your business.

Custom Invoicing

  • Using Unform quality color forms for Invoicing, Statements, Price Sheets and  Integrated Letterhead (see brochure pages 6-7).

Complete Accounting

  • System helps to quickly identify and pay invoices

Salesperson/Contractor Settlements

Bulk Mailer

  • Email Blast to your drivers, customers, sales people and even collection letters with past due invoice balance automatically filling in.

All tables exportable to your favorite spreadsheet

(MS Excel, Lotus 123, OpenOffice.org, etc.)


Contact Info

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Email: info@whereismypackage.net


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