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William Shatner Asks “Where Is My Package?” on National TV, first airing on Family Net at 9:30am EST on November 26th, 2012.

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Published on: November 21, 2012
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William Shatner Asks “Where Is My Package” on National TV

Stop guessing when a package was shipped, where it is, and when it will be delivered. “Where Is My Package?” is the latest technology to track your important assets and at a fraction of the cost.


 (Press Release)
“Moving America Forward”, a National Television Show hosted by William Shatner is excited to announce the appearance of Keith Schewanick the founder of “Where Is My Package?”.  A leading programmer and technical consultant for the Transportation Industry Mr. Schewanick, was interviewed at the Los Angeles “Moving America Forward” news studio by William Shatner and Doug Llewellyn (of “People’s Court” fame).  Responsible for developing what is being hailed as the most powerful tool in the transportation industry the “Where Is My Package?” software known as WIMP not only tracks a package every step of the way but is also saving companies money on shipping. Delivering everything from irreplaceable products to human organs the last thing a company wants to hear from their clients is, “Where Is My Package?”.  Mr. Schewanick makes sure his clients never have to hear that by providing a service that is helping companies create a more visible streamlined logistics department that increases profitability and customer satisfaction.

(WIMP) is a suite of on-demand software-as-a-service web-based applications designed to dispatch and track various types of transportation assets. WIMP software effectively uses 21st century technology to provide logistical Real-time pick-up and delivery, shipment tracking, proof of delivery with signature capture for transportation businesses in the United States and Canada. This can be done using your normal Internet browser with no special program installations needed. The software is web-based, so you can access information from your smart phone, latest tablet, notebook and/or laptop computer.  It is also fully integratable with UPS shipping software, FedEx shipping software, USPS shipping software, DHL software — really any parcel shipping software from major carriers you want to use.

Below is a video of the “Where Is My Package?” interview with William Shatner & Doug Lleweyln that aired on National TV, first airing on Family Net at 9:30am EST on November 26th, 2012.

Entrepreneur Award from “Moving America Forward” – Hosted by William Shatner

“Where Is My Package?” ™ is honored to have received the award for “Moving America Forward

Keith Schewanick the founder of “Where Is My Package?” was presented the prestigious Moving America Forward Award by Retired Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney for offering a service that is dramatically increasing profitability that is having a positive impact on businesses across the country.


2011 MCAA Convention Atlanta, GA

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Published on: October 27, 2011
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The Messenger and Courier Association of America (MCAA) Convention in Atlanta, GA October 20-22nd 2011


From left: Charles Wolfe, Rich Meade, Keith Schewanick and Julie Wagner


Keith Schewanick, Kirk Godby and Julie Wagner

Steve Sevigny and Keith Schewanick

Keith Schewanick and Julie Wagner


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