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Why choose WIMP?



WIMP software is a user-friendly, web-based application, using the latest Web 2.0 technologies for the purpose of tracking your important assets. WIMP software was designed to be Role-based, where each User is assigned a Role (i.e., Customer, Driver, Order Taker, Dispatcher, Accountant, or make one of your own). Next you assign which modules (Operations, Dispatch, Pricing, etc.) you want to be accessed by Users in this Role. Each User can only see the menu options and online manual pages that apply to the modules assigned to their Role. Also, you can further restrict each program in the modules by User permissions. Just set option to ‘No’ to restrict Access to page, sending of Email, Fax, or to a Printer, options to Add, Delete, or Edit and restrict Money values from being seen.


We selected the browser interface to embrace Mac, Linux, and Microsoft users. With no software to install (besides your browser), you won’t have the stress of supporting the software on your or your client’s computers.

Labor Costs

With labor being the largest expense for most businesses, we felt this was the first category to address. Most software developers are using propriety software with a very small pool of programmers available to hire from. New employees take longer to train, which could take months before being available to contribute any valuable work. We solved this problem by building our Tracking Software, incorporating a variety of the most current, popular technology. Hence, with a large pool of programmers now available, we can pass the savings on to you.

No Middle-Ware

Omit the headache, expense and hassle of managing all that middle-ware. Drivers, Accountants, Customers, and others all update directly to your system. Time management is therefore more efficient, freeing up more of your time.

Ease of Use

Training costs are drastically cut when you can get your driver, order taker, customer or even your accountant trained in only hours. Imagine the savings in ‘Professional Services’ if your CPA would have the necessary access to your system. Additionally, with the QuickBooks interface, you can expect even bigger savings.


Since the WIMP software is web-based, you can access information from your smart phone, latest tablet, notebook or laptop computer.


We use the latest 2010 Census Tiger Geo files to build a database to save time and improve location accuracies. Precise street address validation and map integration ensures accuracy, thus cutting wasted expenses on incorrect or incomplete addresses. Our zip codes were just updated across the US and Canada. Also, the zip +4 is auto-added on any new address added.


Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measure of how much income an entity creates in any given time. The internet and the Do-It-Yourself craze have made us more productive, however you don’t see it reflected in the GDP when you fix your own plumbing or change your own oil. One analogy: Banks have used technology to get their customers to do the work of the teller, the ATM. Labor was minimized and even charged customers a fee. Overhead costs dropped, profits increased and customers have access around the clock. We adopted some of these philosophies in the creation of WIMP software.

Server Security

We utilize the security and reliability work-horse Unix/Linux operating system. You will be confident knowing you won’t lose everything because a virus got through your Anti-Virus solution.


Our competitors use exorbitant operating systems where additional license fees are needed for each new user. These steep costs get added into the price of the product that’s delivered to you.


Our cloud-based solution is best suited for new and smaller companies, however you can scale up to an in-house server and simply port your data over when you do. WIMP software is available either as a cloud-based service or in-house solution.

Chain of Custody

Not all competitors have a through line in their business solution. The cost of ‘lost claims’ is too high to ignore, so we believe a chain-of-custody approach is necessary with every package. We build your own work-flow into the system, so you and your customers know where a package is at any given time. Whether it is a legal summons, pallet, shipping container, human assets or even a transplant organ, rest assured you won’t have to hear those dreaded words ever again: “Where Is My Package?”

WIMP technology makes it possible. The choice is clear. It’s time your business has…


Simply, Better TRACKING…

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