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Here are a few nice comments made about “Where Is My Package?” ™ over the years.

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“During the recession, we down-sized by a dispatch and 3 order takers. Since switching to WIMP, we’ve gotten back to our pre-recession volume, however we didn’t need to hire a single order taker or dispatcher back. This savings went directly to our bottom line.”

Susan M. – Comptroller


“I feel like we’ve upgraded from an 8-track cassette to a Blu-Ray™ disc….. “

Angie G. – CFO


“My dispatcher actually smiles at times….”

Amy Z. – Order Taker


“I got a call for a delivery while at the beach. I pulled out my iPad and in less than a minute, I was back with my family.”

Ed K. – President


“Once I’ve demonstrated WIMP to a prospect, I rarely walk away without a signed contract…. I’ve DOUBLED my income.”

James B. – Sales Rep


“WIMP is the MOST POWERFUL tool in the Transportation Industry!!!”

Arthur R. – Owner


“After years of putting a round peg into a square hole with my previous vendor, I had to rethink everything. Super Upgrade!”

Bob A. – Owner

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