Spot the Difference Between a Mobile Web App and a Native App

by WIMPmaster
Published on: October 7, 2013
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Spot the Difference Between a Mobile Web App and a Native App

People are often confused with the function of a mobile web app and a native app. There are similarities to both options as they can be accessed over the internet via a mobile device. For businesses who want to gain web presence in order to reach a lot of users, the best mobile strategy must be used. The right path to take usually depends on your business requirements and plan of action. Whatever your level of need, it is important to know and understand the full features of these applications so it can best serve your business intent. To get started, let us define each term and attached functions to help you decide which one is right for you.

Mobile web app is one of the two types of mobile applications that perform specific tasks for the users. It is available within the server and can be accessed using the internet. This application is built using programming languages including HTML, CSS and some interactive parts of Java. The cutting edge technology provides an attractive alternative to the App Store since it is basically web based so it is compatible across all platforms to deliver the right content to a large mobile audience. No need to wait for approval from the App Store when downloading or making updates as the web is an open channel. With the latest version of the HTML language being used, you can also work offline just like the native apps. Updates are made through the web server without the need for user’s intervention.

A native app is a software application that comes per-installed on mobile devices or can be downloaded from app stores online for a fee. The language used is written specifically for a particular handheld device so you can’t run it on a different platform. The code must be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of such mobile devices like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and many more. Because this application is already installed or downloaded on your mobile phones, you can access them anytime even without internet connectivity. When it comes to updates, users must manually install and download the latest version so it adapts to their current requirements.

Whatever mobile strategy you want to create for your business, both applications offer many benefits. Your choice depends on your business goal, technical requirements and targeted audience. For those who are looking for a cost effective platform, mobile web apps work well on your mobile website and ensure the best user experience for your clients. The application renders accurately on smaller screens of all mobile devices so you don’t need to develop more codes to function for each phone. It offers a long term solution for your business needs, thus, giving more value to your investment. As more and more people purchase smartphones and access the mobile web, reaching a large number of potential users will help drive sales for you business. Now that you have spot the difference between a mobile web app and a native app, the choice is yours.

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