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Incorporated in 1999, Schewanick Computer Services (SCS) was founded for the purpose of providing software and technical consulting services to the Transportation Industry (Courier/Messenger, Air Courier, Freight-Forwarder, Long Haul & LTL Trucking, Demurrage, Intermodal Freight Transport). We are a highly-motivated group of professionals dedicated to providing solutions for our clients and

“Bringing Service Back to Technology.”


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Our founder, Keith Schewanick, has been a programmer and technical consultant for the Transportation Industry since 1989. In 1999, he launched SCS to provide software and technical consulting services to the transportation industry. In the last few decades, with over 300 clients, all across the United States and Canada, he has established many long-term relationships in this industry.After many inquires into when he was going to write his own Content Management System (CMS) for the transportation industry, he began working on a concept in 2002. Development of “Where Is My Package?” ™software soon followed the next year, whilst still consulting with existing and new clients. The acronym WIMP stands for W-Where I-Is M-My P-Package?, and originated from the combination of: W-Window, I-Icon, M-Menu, and P-Pointing Device.Our first customer commenced using in WIMP software in 2006. Since then, the core programs have been used in a number of private CMS tailored to their respective businesses (Sick Routing, Flight Logging). Meanwhile WIMP software remained our main focus with knowledge that it has always been the only CMS we looked to make available commercially.


Our Promise

At Schewanick Computer Services, Inc. (SCS), we pride ourselves in individualized customer service. We offer custom tailored solutions for your ever-changing business needs. We work with you to provide prompt, consistent service and products.And to provide

“Simply, Better TRACKING…”

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