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by WIMPmaster
Published on: December 19, 2010
Categories: Why WIMP?
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All software has bugs, however we have included a ‘Bug Reporter’ option right on your Task Bar. Should an error occur, a pop-up appears with all important information for our programmers (webpage, browser version, line number, error number and/or message).

Just enter the information in the bottom of the form and tell us what you were doing when the error occurred, then press ‘send’.

This email will go directly to our support department.

Note: You must have email set up in your PC. Web-based email client will not work with this, so you’ll have to cut (PC ctrl-c/Mac cmnd-c) and paste (PC ctrl-v/Mac cmnd-v).

Should you have an idea or a suggestion, feel free to use the ‘Bug Reporter’ for that also.

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